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How can a business loan help my cashflow?

Business loans can be used for any business purchase, commercial property, and refinancing of existing business loans. They can also be beneficial to free up cash-flow when used for day-to-day running expenses; buying equipment, inventory, insurance premiums, solar installation, unexpected expenses, renovations & hiring staff.

How Insurance Premium funding works

Insurance Premium Funding is a streamlined and simple way to fund premiums.  Without having to provide financials, you can get started quickly and easily.  The Premium Funding provider pays the annual premium upfront and you repay this as a loan over equal monthly instalments – typically 10 to 12 months. For an added bonus, interest paid may be tax deductible. Contact Craig Wise for more info.

Could these banking hacks help your mortgage?

This excerpt from A Real Girl’s Guide To Money by Effie Zahos, provides top tips to pay of your mortage sooner.  Full story here via

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