Finance & Loans News – February 2019

Interest rate discounts for businesses installing solar panels.

Did you know you can get an interest rate discount for your business loan when installing solar panels?  With a $200 million financing arrangement with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, we have access to a 0.70% discount on the interest rate for energy efficient equipment. Minimum amount financed is $15,000 and finance can be structured over the life expectancy of the asset.

Are you paying too much for your loan?

When was the last time you checked your loan repayments? Could you be getting a more competitive rate? We offer a free comparison service for your investment or home loan.

Non-bank lender home loans rising sharply.

With the big banks facing continued scrutiny from regulators, growth in loans to housing investors has fallen to multi-year lows. But as ANZ economists note, “APRA’s macro prudential policies do not apply to the entire market”. So at the same time as broader credit growth has been slowing, there’s been a sharp rise in new home-loan issuance among non-bank lenders. Read full story here

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